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Here are a few of our latest patient’s success stories.

“Once again the team at SPTC did a great job getting me recovered from hip replacement.  This team is just like family to me.  You recover much better when you look forward to coming to therapy.  The team makes you work hard but that is what it takes to get you back in working order.  Thanks to everyone!” –Pete C. 

“When I first came in to see Art my upper, middle, and lower right back hurt a lot, so much that my wife complained about my moaning at night when I would roll over in bed.  Now my back feels great and no more moaning at night!”  –Darin P. 

“I can now move my arm up and over my head and move my neck much better.  I can turn from side to side and I am not in much pain at all.  I really feel awesome!  I can sleep better at night and I drive better without hurting when I have to turn my neck to back out of a parking space.  Thank you!”  –Barbara W. 

“I am now able to go up and down stairs with no pain.  I do not need assistance with house work or shopping.  I am not on pain medicine, and I have been able to resume normal life with no fear of steps!”  –Marjorie N.

“Working out here 2 to 3 times a week has allowed me to increase the strength and flexibility in my knees.  I recommend SPTC for their structure and patience when working with patients.”  – Joe C. 

“I have tried physical therapy, water therapy, and steroid shots in the past which did not work.  After coming to SPTC and learning to stretch again I have now been able to walk without crying or wanting to crawl back in bed.  I am definitely getting range of motion back and I can stand tall again.  I am looking forward to cycling, running, and kickboxing again!’  –Terri E.

“I was challenged on every visit to do more.  I was given home exercises which helped get me to the point I am at now.  My therapist Julie was always pleasant, on time, and relentless.  If you want to recover from your surgery, see Julie.”  -Bobby L.

“I fell down a ventilation shaft while I was working. I broke 7 vertebrae, my shoulder, and most of my ribs on my left side. They had to fuse five of my vertebrae. My lungs collapsed, spleen damaged, and needless to say I took one heck of a hit to the head. After several months of hospital care I was released to go home and start physical therapy. I spent a year working with Art. The trauma of the fall had left me with severe arthritis. I had days that it was all I could do to manage walking in through the doors. Strangely some of those were my favorite days. Everyone that worked at Sports and Physical Therapy Center was incredibly supportive. Everyone became like a surrogate family. After a while I started to feel my goal was within my reach. This last summer I was strong enough to ride a motorcycle for a short time. Now I have graduated from Sports and Physical Therapy Center’s care and I feel that my return to the career I love so much is finally within my grasp!!! It’s been one heck of a ride and I couldn’t have done it without all the help I’ve had along the way.” –Casey W.

“I have been to three physical therapists; Sean is the first one who significantly changed my condition.  This is over a period of two years having suffered severely from pain in my neck that would also shoot up the back of my head on the right side.  During this time I have been to the chiropractor, massage therapists, cranial sacral therapists, acupuncturists and pain therapists (with lots of pills that didn’t help with the pain, pain injections into my neck,  and a physiatrist who was pathetic.)  I felt so bad I was going to try to get surgery if it was possible, just to get relief from the almost constant pain.  Before going to an orthopedic doctor, my doctor said to try physical therapy again.  This brought me back to a life I can live. The pain is not gone completely but to a degree I can manage everyday things. I can put on my slacks without sitting down and pull shirts on over my neck.  I can put my shoes on and tie them, whereas before I had flip flops or loafers so I would not have to bend my head over.  I drive more now, whereas my spouse did most of the driving after my injury.  I couldn’t turn my head enough to drive safely.   Once I was driving home from the city and fell asleep at the wheel after that my spouse wouldn’t let me drive and took me to all of my appointments.  I also had a difficult time in bed trying to get my neck in a position without pain so I could sleep.  When I got to sleep it was OK unless I woke up to use the bathroom then I would go through the whole process again.  My favorite position when I was awake was to sit in a recliner and not move.  This and when I was asleep was my only time without pain.  I forced myself to go to a gym with a personal trainer.  This helped my attitude and physical well-being.  Some of the work I couldn’t do because of the neck pain.  Since Sean has been working on my neck I find so much improvement I am not always thinking about the pain.  My neck moves more without the severe pain.  My everyday living has improved.  For so long there was no improvement that I almost gave up on anything helping me feel better.  Thank you Sean for all your help.” – Rosemary D.


“I had superb physical therapy for a left total knee replacement.  Nine weeks after surgery my knee feels very good.  I have exceptional range of motion.  The hard work paid off, and I am very pleased.” – Julie B.

“I am walking normal now and having no pain in doing so.” – Robert H.

“My knee is showing great improvement.  I have started catching again in softball as well as continuing my normal routine.” – Sydelle T.

“I can do the stairs without a cane.  I have also been doing more housework and looking forward to swinging the golf club in the next week!” – Barbara H.

“I was at first not only in a lot of pain with little movement, but I was also skeptical about everything.  Art was very encouraging.  I started to get better.  The best way to describe it is that everything Art said came true. I’m 100% convinced now about my continued progress.  I’m 100% grateful to Art.  I’m committed now to recovery and I lost weight as a bonus.” – John C.

“Before physical therapy I was on crutches and limping when I walked.  I had extreme sensitivity to pain, numbness, poor balance, and not a lot of strength.  I was also rolling my ankles.  After physical therapy I am not using the crutches and I am not limping.  I have more strength making it easier to do everything.  I can walk, jog, and have fun pain free.  All around I feel like everything has improved.” – Sarah T.

“I am thrilled with the results of my physical therapy.  I appreciated the education I received from Sean.  He was also my biggest cheerleader.  Leaving here is bittersweet.” – Sue S.

“After failed back surgery in N.Y. State, I elected to have surgery again at Missouri Baptist Hosp. By Dr. David Kennedy who was referred to me by my son. I had my surgery on May 7th which went extremely well. My doctor and others recommended that walking would be my best therapy. My son David was receiving therapy at the Sports and Physical Therapy Center in Eureka. I was a little reluctant because before my surgery I was limited on what I could do on a daily basis. My initial consultation was with Art. We started therapy that day and I realized how weak I was really was. Art gave me such a positive attitude and I left there feeling so good. He gave me exercises to do at home and I was set up for therapy twice a week. I felt I was making such good progress and realized how weak I was and I knew the therapy I was getting was finally helping me. Art also pointed out that because of my weakness I tended to walk leaning to my right. While in therapy Art made sure that I did my exercises correctly and he did not limit what he knew I could do even because of my age. I left to return to New York after about three weeks or so of therapy. I feel his help has brought me a long way to becoming stronger and walking straighter. I am so happy that I was recommended to Sports and Physical Therapy and even more grateful that I had Art as my therapist. I felt that he and I bonded immediately which made my therapy not only challenging but enjoyable. I also found the staff very professional and caring. A big thank you to all of you.” – Ann Marie I.

“I can stand straight, where before I was hunched over. I had pain in my left glute, thigh, and calf, now I have no pain. I was also having spasms in my right glute, thigh, and calf, now I just have some soreness. My balance was very poor, I couldn’t walk a straight line and I was going up and down stairs one at a time. Now my balance has improved and I am able to walk a straight line, and I am able to go up and down stairs.” – Joe S.

“When I came I was not able to sleep on one side for more than an hour. I also couldn’t straighten up after sitting in one position for more than 20 minutes. Now I am able to sleep through the night without pain. I can also sit for more than 20 minutes and get up with very little stiffness.” – Lynn Q.

“My pain was really bad every morning and sometimes off and on during the day and night…sometimes the pain is so sharp even doing simple things, but I was working through it. Now, the pain has reduces dramatically… I am happy with the work that has been done.” – Michelle R.

“I have had spinal problems for decades and have seen my share of physical therapists. Recently I had surgery on my low back, Sean and the folks at the Sports and Physical Therapy Center were the best! They not only got me through a successful rehab, but they helped me fix other issues as well. My gait has improved drastically. My cervical mobility has increased significantly. (I had a cervical fusion 22 years ago and have suffered with limited neck movement all of these years.) Thank you Sean and thank you Sports and Physical Therapy Center for a job well done!” – Gordon N.

“I can walk without a cane and I am alternating steps into the basement without holding onto the rail. Increased strength is noted in my legs. I am walking with less “waddle.” Bending to tie my shoes is ok now. I am hiking along paths of uneven surfaces with the help of a walking stick.” – Judy P.

“Wow, what an experience! I started coming to therapy and seeing Sean and his team after I had a total knee replacement. To quote Sean’s team or maybe it was Sean himself when he first met me, “Pete, you walk like an old man.” Now I am not only walking without a limp but I feel better than I have in years. Sean’s team has the most unbelievable ability to get the best out of their patients. Everyone celebrates patient’s victories and sympathizes with their struggles. I am now able to squat and play with my grand kids. Over the years I have had many knee surgeries and I have gone to several different physical therapy centers for rehab, so I speak from lots of experience when I say there is no better place to go than the Sports and Physical Therapy Center.” – Peter C.

“Before physical therapy I was experiencing neck and shoulder pain so intense I could not sleep through the night. I had difficulty with the simplest of tasks…washing my hair, reaching, driving, etc. I felt fragile. At my first visit, Sean’s confidence assured me that I would get better. He was right!! I am stronger than I ever imagined and I am sleeping well. I have transitioned from therapy with Sean to strength and endurance training with Brian. I am motivated by the healing and positive energy at SPTC. Sean and his entire team are awesome!” – Sherri V.

“I feel I have improved to the maximum that is possible. Therapy has helped relieve the pain in my neck, low/middle/upper back, and my right hip. I feel my improvement is in the 97-98% range. I am very satisfied with where SPTC has helped me reach.” – Clay K.

“I came back to physical therapy a couple of months after I had fallen on the golf course. My repaired knee was giving me a lot of trouble. Over the course of my physical therapy I have gained equal strength in both legs, with no pain and very little if any swelling in my repaired left knee. I feel I am stronger now than before my fall. This has been a tough but very rewarding experience.” – Terry K.

“Before physical therapy I couldn’t straighten my arm all the way or bend it enough to touch my face or feed myself. I couldn’t use my arm to run or catch either. After physical therapy I can lift weights, use my arm to catch, do push-ups, feed myself, and play sports.” – Logan B.

“During recovery I have had no pain in my arm and have regained almost all the use of my arm. I still have numbness in my right hand and some movement is limited, but it’s getting better with each physical therapy session. Since completing my physical therapy, the numbness in my hand has greatly improved. I am able to do things like use a hair dryer, turn the car ignition, and wave. The activities that require overhead use of my arm are good.” – Susan W.

“When I first started therapy I could move my arm forward only a foot or two and hardly at all to the side. Now I can move my arm anywhere I want in any direction. The results of therapy have been all I could ask for and even more. I have also gained lots and lots of strength in my shoulder.” – Art W.

“When I started physical therapy I could not drive for more than 20 minutes without sciatic pain. My running gait was off, so the more I ran the worse it became. I am now driving pain free, my running form has improved and I recently completed a 14 mile run without residual pain.” – Carolyn P.

“I am able to play football with no pain and I am not having pain in my knee at all.” – Max. M.

“Since I started physical therapy the pain in my back has subsided greatly. My mobility has improved as well as the strength in my back and hips.” – Brian S.

“My arm and back are amazing now that I am finished with therapy. I have no pain when I’m throwing and my back has recovered to 100%, no pain whatsoever.” – Drew F.

“Before I started physical therapy I could not throw, run, walk without a limp, jump, climb stairs, or swim. Standing, sitting, lying on my side was all painful. After completing therapy I am able to throw, run, jump and pivot. My agility, core and hamstring strength has all improved.” – Donnie L.

“I came to physical therapy with sciatic pain in my buttock going down my leg making it difficult to sleep and sit for more than 15 minutes. I also had weakness in my core and hamstring. After my physical therapy sessions my leg and buttock pain is gone, and my walking and sleeping has vastly improved.” – Nick T.

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