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EVOLUTION--LOGO offers a variety of services to accommodate varying needs.


Team Training at EvolutionThere is nothing better than working out with your teammates in an environment that fosters individual improvement as well as team bonding.  This comprehensive program is designed for athletes of all sports. It includes dynamic and static stretching, linear and lateral speed development, quickness, plyometrics, and core strengthening, as well as overall body strengthening.  This will enable you to run faster, jump higher, and be more agile, all while ensuring proper mechanics to prevent injury.  Training also includes nutrition and regeneration techniques to improve performance.  Athletes work in small groups of no more than 8 athletes, with certified personal trainers to ensure training is done correctly and efficiently.We can also customize classes for specific needs of your team.  We will work with you to find a time that is good for your teams and open up a special time slot or back to back slots, depending on the size of your team.

We are always looking to add more teams.  Call our office at 636-938-4065 to schedule your team training. 

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What is Kinesiotape?

  • Tape designed to enhance the body’s natural healing process
  • Support wounded muscles
  • Stabilize joints
  • Decrease inflammation/ irritation
  • Speed healing time
  • Tool to enhance muscle performance with continued therapeutic benefit
  • Used to prevent injury/ re-injury

Advantages over other Taping Methods

  • Latex free
  • No pre-tape required
  • Elastic
  • Non-compressive
  • Breathable
  • Allows full range of motion
  • Multiple day wear
  • Water resistant
  • Enhances circulation
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