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What are clients saying about Evolution?


Molly W.

“I began to get lazy during the off season and just ate junk and watched TV all night so I decided to start the Evolution program.  Since starting the program I have improved my pitching speed by 10mph and I have a two pack abs!  I like that the trainers encourage me and they are interested in talking with me.  I think Evolution is the best in town! They have everything you need to achieve your goals.  It’s worth trying out, you won’t be disappointed.”


Julie B.

“I needed to prepare for a total knee replacement and Evolution was the right place at the right time.  Since working out prior to my knee replacement the surgery was easier to recover from.  My stamina and overall strength has increased.  The staff is very qualified and friendly.  They have created an ideal setting to achieve your desired outcome.  Everyone is very personable and friendly, and they will modify an exercise to accommodate your ability.  Evolution is fun and rewarding, yet challenging.  If you care about your health, this program is worth it!”

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