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May 1, 2014

Remember those goals?


We often set goals, and perhaps even write them down… but sometimes that’s as far as we get.  I’ve been guilty of this many times in the past.  What’s the key to success?

Plan and review.

PLAN: Once you’ve set a goal (and I strongly encourage you to stay away from weight or measurement goals), create an action plan to get you there.  For example, if a goal is to workout three times per week, part of an action plan could be to schedule your workouts into your calendar, wake up 45 minutes early to have time to workout and shower, or book a longer lunch break to go for a walk.

REVIEW: Equally important to creating a plan is to review your progress.  What’s going well?  What are your challenges?  What can you do to improve or maintain your progress?  What can you do a little bit better tomorrow?  Actually seeing your progress will keep you motivated to keep going.  If you didn’t do so well, a review gives you the chance to change what you were doing and address any barriers.

Each month, schedule 5-10 minutes to review your progress.  If you are not on track, celebrate your progress made, then make some changes (either the process, or perhaps the goal itself).  If you are on track, celebrate and set new goals!

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rounded corners
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