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August 6, 2012

Muscle Energy Techniques

The Benefits of Muscle Energy Techniques

During the course of a physical therapy treatment plan, your physical therapist may employ muscle energy techniques (METs). This term describes a manual therapy procedure in which the patient’s own muscles are utilized to correct musculoskeletal problems, and restore balance and alignment to the body. Muscle energy techniques are effective for relieving pain, improving strength, and increasing range of motion.


What Are Muscle Energy Techniques?

Muscle energy techniques are safe and effective, and are used in both osteopathic medicine and physical therapy. When used during physical therapy treatment, the patient will engage his or her muscles from a controlled position, against gentle pressure provided by the physical therapist. The movements are repeated a number of times, as determined by the physical therapist.


This hands-on physical therapy technique is intended to isolate and engage weak muscular links, with the goal of repositioning the bones that can cause muscular spasms, inflammation, pain, and weakness. Muscle energy techniques can also be used to lengthen a contracted or spastic muscle, and to treat most joints in the body.


How Does Muscle Energy Physical Therapy Help?

When used in an individualized physical therapy program, muscle energy techniques can be very effective. Some of the benefits include:

  • Muscle relaxation, which promotes healing.
  • Improved joint mobility.
  • Increased muscle and ligament strength.
  • Reduced pain in the neck, shoulders, knees, or hips.
  • Increased range of motion.
  • Improved symmetry of arms, shoulders, hips, or legs.
  • Restoring normal tone to muscles.


Patients who benefit from muscle energy physical therapy include those who are restricted in their movements as a result of chronic illness or injury, who have suffered an automobile or work accident, or who experience pain in their daily activities. Chronic headache or back pain sufferers, as well as individuals with scoliosis, sciatica, or uneven shoulders, hips, or legs may also see lasting relief through muscle energy techniques.


Effective Pain Relief For Acute and Chronic Conditions

Many patients find quick relief from their symptoms by partnering with a physical therapist who is skilled in METs. These techniques can be used for both acute conditions, such as a sports injury, and chronic conditions, such as ongoing knee pain. Your physical therapist will determine whether METs are suitable for your symptoms, and if so, which variation will be utilized in your treatment. To enhance the healing process, your physical therapist may instruct you on how to perform certain aspects of MET on your own.


Many patients appreciate the fact that physical therapy services are customized for each individual. Your physical therapist may use a number of techniques to relieve your pain, as well as to improve your muscle strength, flexibility, and overall physical condition. He or she will always take into account your current level of ability, and help you set goals for your treatment. Whether you want to be able to return to work, your favorite sport, or everyday activities, your physical therapist is dedicated to helping you get there.


About the Sports and Physical Therapy Center

If you’re seeking a qualified physical therapist in the Eureka, Missouri area, look into the services offered by the Sports and Physical Therapy Center. Owner Sean Quinn and his skilled staff of physical therapists understand muscle energy techniques, and are ready to help you overcome whatever ailments may be keeping you from living a full and healthy life.


You’ll find the Sports and Physical Therapy Center offers muscle energy techniques, along with a full range of physical therapy services. From strength and conditioning training, to spinal and joint stabilization, these professional, licensed physical therapists are fully trained in all areas of physical therapy. You are welcome to ask any of our staff members about muscle energy techniques, or any aspect of physical therapy treatment.

When you’re ready to partner with the premier physical therapy center in Eureka, Missouri, simply ask your doctor for a physical therapy prescription. Then, call 636-938-4065 to schedule your consultation with one of the caring physical therapists at the Sports and Physical Therapy Center. Find out more and review patient results by visiting



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